PUBG Mobile 2 to release soon: What’s new, what’s happening and India launch details


PUBG Mobile 2 release is expected to occur as early as next week as from now, new report has claimed. This will be a new game that, even though, we will get components from the original PUBG Mobile, however, will present new surroundings, weapons, and gameplay strategies that are probably going to change the battle royal mode, as we know at this moment. The primary affirmation that PUBG Mobile 2 is for sure a work in progress came from PUBG Corporation parent organization Krafton earlier this year. The organization said this game will be the next stage in the PUBG Mobile universe and that was it. The name PUBG Mobile 2 isn’t true yet likely for the second-generation of the smash-hit battle royal game. Also, this game could arrive in early March.

Per a break, which was spotted by the tipster who goes by PlayerIGN on Twitter before it got erased, PUBG Mobile 2 will include futuristic gadgets and weapons. We may also be looking at drones and deployable bunkers, which will change how you play PUBG Mobile right. It is not clear what these drones will be used for exactly, but the logical purposes would be aerial shooting or surveillance over hiding enemies. There will be new surroundings in the game, or, in other words, there could be interesting for players with regards to PUBG Mobile 2. Also, the PUBG Mobile 2 release will be focused on Android and iOS platforms directly all along, giving it an edge over Epic Games’ Fortnite that is banned in Google Play Store and App Store.

As indicated by the release, the PUBG Mobile 2 will be set in 2051. By its sound, I am speculating we are seeing some post-apocalyptic world that Krafton has changed to a level that is adequate for players to hide and engage in the match. We have seen enough of these fictional locations in films and they always seems to satisfy the audience, so perhaps Krafton will try its hands, too. On the flip side, there is a chance the PUBG Mobile 2 will feature a advanced world, similar as the one we found in the animated series Jetsons. There is no data on either at present however I trust Krafton will not disappoint with whatever plans it has for PUBG Mobile 2 Apps.

The guns, other ammunition, and the vehicles will also be changed to fit the surroundings. We may see flying cars or the drones that are being talked about could carry individuals. I don’t know what Krafton will execute but rather it will probably carry a few changes to how to battle royal modes are played at this moment. And, if there is a reset for the battle royal strategy, freshmen are in for a treat who frequently get vanquished in the game by veterans since they are not comfortable similarly as much about the ongoing interaction.

PUBG Mobile was prohibited by the Indian government a year ago and from that point forward the parent organization, PUBG Corporation has been endeavoring to get the boycott lifted. The boycott was given because the public authority discovered PUBG Mobile was placing the country’s security in danger. Be that as it may, many accept the restriction on PUBG Mobile and over 100 other Chinese applications was an act of retaliation against China, following the clash at the Galway Valley. PUBG Corporation stepped into the crisis to improve things. It severed ties with China’s Tencent Games for publishing rights in India and took ownership of PUBG Mobile in India. It registered PUBG Mobile India as another element in Bengaluru, expecting to control India operations. At that point, there were teasers for the comeback of the game.

PUBG Mobile was expected to get back to India as PUBG Mobile India, an edited version of the game that Krafton thought would be the best play to allay the fears of the Indian government and other critics. The announcement for the comeback was made during Diwali week last year but the launch is yet to happen. The reason for the postponement is the public authority’s conflict with the lifting of the boycott. For the time being, PUBG Corporation is sorting out approaches to settle on the public authority move over its choice.

For PUBG Mobile 2, PUBG Corporation will probably require the public authority’s authorization before it is launched in India. It isn’t clear if this upcoming game will have any linkage to China, yet on the off chance that it does, the launch in India appears to be far-fetched.


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