Publicis Groupe launches wellbeing initiative ‘PubFit’ in India


For its 4000 + employees, Publicis Groupe India has developed a holistic health and wellness program called PubFit. The purpose of the program is to assist its citizens to maintain harmony between Mind-Body-Spirit and increase overall well-being. The concept is to put about an innate fitness-oriented community and convenient access to solutions for knowledge and wellness.

In the face of volatility, confusion, and fragility, the year 2020 has underscored the importance of strength and resilience. It is very clear that while circumstances and events can not be managed, we can certainly regulate our response, reaction, and hence their effect on us. PubFit is a carefully crafted, richly tailored program that gears up the whole organization towards a satisfying fitness, wellness, and healthy journey. Not only strong antifragile organizations but also healthier families and more resolute communities are made up of strong and resilient individuals.

The program is a year-long collaborative wellness journey undertaken by Groupe staff and there will be comprehensive modules of content, information, and learning delivered on a timely basis through rich media assets and strengthened by Fitness Challenges. In a screening study, the first step will include people self-assessing themselves, which would show where they are in the overall health matrix. Besides, the Leadership Team will have a separate emphasis on PubFit’s overarching objectives and how they can better direct both themselves and others to make health an absolute priority throughout the company. The program will also see the deployment of a fitness kit for all individuals.

Publicis Groupe has partnered with Human Edge, a renowned business network that collaborates with key stakeholders to provide advocacy and initiatives that facilitate holistic well-being, to kickstart the initiative. An in-person fireside chat to spread the launch message was hosted by Anupriya Acharya, Publicis Groupe’s South Asia CEO, and Dr. Marcus Ranney, Founder & CEO of Human Edge. The Publicis Wellness App, built in conjunction with a wellness platform, is at the core of the program, which will be interactive and include doctor appointments, home exercise videos, mindfulness videos, nutrition-related data, and wellness challenges.

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