Godrej Introduces New Gooknight Spray Kills Mosquitoes with New Feature


Godrej is introducing a new spray to kill the mosquitoes. It is entirely different from the previous sprays. Godrej Consumer claims that the new Goodknight spray is the very first aerosol in the household insecticide. This is made without gas. This is considered the latest addition to the household insecticide line. This Smart Spray is not only good for killing mosquitoes. This Smart Spray is specially made with some features also. No gas is an important feature that helps this spray to just stay as unique. Godrej has already mentioned this spray as the first aerosol in this category that was made without gas. They made this claim through then social media posts.

Godrej is a very famous Indian Company which is headquartered in Mumbai. Godrej is an Indian conglomerate company managed by the Godrej family. Usually, Godrej introduces the products into the market as a solution to the consumer’s problems. Indian customers have always a preference towards Godrej products. The features like ‘instant action’, long-lasting protection’, ‘fragrance’ and ‘no gas’ are specially designed to lure customers towards this project. The good fragrant spray without gas is always a high place in the market because the customers are always looking for some products like this. Otherwise, the products don’t worth the cost. The new gas proposition is used several products over the years. The instant action spray from the Godrej offers 8 hours’ protection for the users also. 

The spray from the Lifebuoy entered into the market as ‘no-gas germ kill-spray’. HUL introduced a surface disinfectant spray as their latest product in August last year. So the no gas sprays are not a new feature in the market. It is already introduced by other brands. The Godrej puts a quantifier to its proposition. Godrej is excited to launch their new Goodknight Smart spray into the market. They are introducing this as a complete solution for the mosquitoes borne diseases. It offers the long efficacy also. Surely, this will make a high demand in the market. The Goodknight spray has already placed a good position in the market and this new Smart Spray with the smart features would favorite choice of customers.

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