Returning to the black, tyre brands depend on creativity and usability to attract buyers


The last few months have seen India Inc gearing up to accept the new normal after 8-9 months of extreme COVID-19 and lockdown effect across sectors in 2020. After a slow showing for several months, the automotive industry, too, shows signs of recovery. This is also giving the tyre industry a boost as demand also looks good in the OEM market. On television networks as well as in print, ad campaigns of some of the leading tire brands such as MRF and Ceat Tyres are very noticeable, and we are also seeing a pick-up in publicity and advertising activities.

Thanks to an improving outlook for the automobile market, high rural demand, and a growing preference for personal mobility, analysts expect the tire industry to retain its growth momentum. There are many individuals who do not want the chance of commuting in cramped public transport, which has fuelled purchases since it has become necessary for private mobility.

It is expected that strong replacement production, increased OEM segment demand and favorable policy policies would also augur well for the tyre industry. Demand in the tire sector is steadily improving on the basis of stable replacement business growth and a steady month-on-month rebound in the OEM industry. Government controls on the import of tyres will encourage the development of the Indian tyre industry.

Mechanics and suppliers prove to be significant influencers in the field of buying tyres. Although there is some top-of-mind recall by buyers of the most promoted tyre brands, essentially to consider the extra features and which tyre people trust their mechanics to buy, while the tyre dealer plays the role of the main influencer. Incidentally, one of the influencers might also be the driver of your vehicle.

For motor oils and lubricants, the same applies. As people prefer to trust their mechanic or the fuel pump or service center where you get your vehicle serviced, you hardly remember which engine oil brand you are using for your car.

Today, however, when it comes to choosing tyres, the buying behavior is slowly changing, particularly with two-wheeler riders. Today’s young drivers and passengers are becoming more educated and confident about what they want for their cars. So, though there is some improvement going on, the mechanics and dealers are still the main persons interested in the buying process of tyres.

Being a low group of engagement, one must drive too much extra to keep the brand contact good and shift the consumer. For a very long time now, most tyre brands have relied extensively on safety and reliability, along with certain practical features such as better grip. One of the reasons for this may be that there is no distinct distinction between goods. Most brands today travel high with celebrity cricketers, and recently we witnessed one of the brands signing up to market their high-end premium attempts by a Bollywood celebrity.

The contact pegs and key messaging in the two-wheeler segment, however, are increasingly shifting to reflect the needs of the modern age rider and the emotional factors behind the purchasing of a two-wheeler and a two-wheeler tyre are now also the emphasis.

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