Rohit Saraf and Alaya F on their first date with Center fresh


To highlight the difficulties in modern dating and how the brand can bring a fresh shift to the experience, Center fresh has launched a campaign with actors Rohit Saraf and Alaya F.

Saraf is the perfect choice for a wide range of brands in the nation because of the way he chooses to do his work, which captures the essence of Generation Z.

Rohit Saraf, who has already been in at least a dozen well-known companies, will now be seen in the newest Center Fresh commercial alongside Alaya F. The new, energizing pair is a part of the brand’s advertising campaign.

The intriguing Alaya F against the lovely Rohit Saraf is undoubtedly a sight to behold in the new ad as the couple promotes a fresh new concept that is likely to catch the youth’s attention.

The ad, which was produced by Wavemaker India with assistance from Ogilvy India on the creative end, focuses on the scenario of two people who are about to embark on their first date. Saraf and Aalaya are featured in the film in a stream-of-consciousness type storyline. In it, Alaya and Saraf are shown going through the traditional stages of emotion that follow meeting a kind boy or girl. The pair unravels the confusion about the whens, hows, and whatnots that eventually detract from the fun of dating. The movie finishes with Center Fresh serving as the source of confidence for a new, genuine approach to dating that is untarnished by conventional dating conventions.

The managing director of Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI), Rajesh Ramakrishnan, stated that Center Fresh has been fundamentally associated with “freshness” for almost three decades. The brand has shifted its focus to fresh breath confidence through accessible contextual snippets and storytelling that engage with the youth. This Fresh Breath Day, we hope to bring the magic of first meets and a new perspective on stereotypical and traditional rules that bind youngsters. We are pleased to have Alaya and Rohit join our team since they exemplify today’s youth in every way: they are self-assured, unconventional, and prone to spontaneity.

Through YouTube and other social media advertising, the campaign will be strengthened even more.

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