Samsung Ads collabs with Trade Desk for programmatic CTV solutions


The Trade Desk, which is a global advertising leader, announced a collaboration with Samsung Ads, a platform for advanced TV advertising solutions that can further help Indian marketers reach millions of highly affianced Indian viewers all over the open internet.

Trade Desk’s program will help marketers to have an approach to Connected TV inventory on Samsung’s Smart TV which is provided through its free, ad-supported on-demand (AVOD) streaming service called Samsung TV Plus.

The collaboration is going to allow marketers to add Samsung CTV inventory to their strategic media buy and, for the first time, The Trade Desk is expanding CTV advertising chances to India’s rapidly-growing open internet, including OTT, websites, music streaming, mobile apps, and much more.

With passing time, Indian consumers are getting more access to digital content in not one, two but multiple platforms and screens, CTV is coming up as the new, India’s new and premium marketers and consumers channel. Reports say that CTV is expected to reach more than 40 million homes in India from seven million homes today by the year 2025. For marketers, CTV represents an occasion to try data to which is regarded as the largest division of their investment for advertising.

Furthermore, the partnership will help marketers to judge their advertising campaigns in a way that is not possible with linear TV. After putting in the same level of data-driven intuitions that they do with their digital advertising campaigns, marketers now can collate and estimate ad opportunities over channels on the internet in a translucent way.

Prabhvir Sahmey of Samsung Ads made a statement that “India is a rapidly becoming a programmatic-first market, with an overall digital ad sales of 75 percent that is predicted to be programmatic by the next year. Due to this reason, India is going to be the first market where we are launching a programmatic first strategy.”

“Our partnership with The Trade Desk is essential to facilitate broad entry to our inventory, offering brands the chance to extend their reach in a premium and safe environment with the biggest screen in the house,” Sahmey said.

Tejinder Gill, General Manager of The Trade Desk in India, said, “We will support our global expertise to introduce CTV advertising on the open internet in India, starting with our partnership with Samsung Ads.”

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