Sara Ali Khan will be featured in Mission Frontline


Veerangana force, an all-women Indian commando squad, still has their amazing stories of bravery. Sara Ali Khan appears during a distinct avatar, wearing a commando outfit, putting on the shoes of a Veerangana, and hunting rigorous training. This unique presentation honours the Veerangana Force and is certain to fire up feelings of admiration for these unsung warriors.

 In 2012, the Assam department of local government established the Veerangana Force as a commando squad to deal with serious issues affecting women within the state. This specialised battalion was formed to combat street violence against women in Assam. The Veerangana force learns a way to handle firearms in delicate situations, the way to keep control during a domestic disturbance, and the way to execute hand-to-hand fighting at the unit. Training with the team has given these ladies the courage to travel forward and safeguard other women facing the same fate.

Sara Ali Khan is shown within the special episode first-hand witnessing the tough life of a Veerangana in Assam to find out what these female commandos bear as they harden duty. Starting with the drilling training, the actress is shown studying Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defence method, throughout the practice. Then there’s mountaineering, which is vital training for soldiers since it trains them to travel over difficult terrain.

She is additionally shown becoming conversant in firearms for tactical firing. The last phase of the training may be a simulation mission to avoid wasting the women who are being held captive during a human trafficking ring. After undergoing rigorous training with the team, the actress stated, “I believe that not only commandos, but every single woman, should acquire these tactics since situations don’t play our doors before they are available.” I feel that one should constantly be healthy and prepared to accommodate these situations.

“Sara Ali Khan stated, “As an actor, I’ve got always believed in recreating myself and attempting to require on varied parts and different kinds of exercise.” Training with this unit has been one of the foremost difficult tasks I’ve launched into up to the present point. The type of strenuous workouts they are going through regularly is extremely admirable, and witnessing their bed so smoothly astounded me. I’m not a hero, but I had the pleasure and privilege of coaching alongside a couple who are real heroes of our country. I applaud the women’s strength. Jai Hind!

Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta I.P.S, Director General of Police Assam within the show, said, “The Veerangana’s lead a troublesome life and undergo vigorous drills daily, it absolutely was great to observe Sara Ali Khan going in the shoes of a Veerangana warrior by training with the unit and pushing herself to accomplish the strenuous tasks,” Mahanta said.

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