Scripbox partners with WebEngage


Scripbox, a Digital wealth management service, has aimed with WebEngage to raise user engagement by leveraging a force to increase engine. The company also wants to increase the number of users for the brand by using the correct ways and reaching a specific target audience for Scripbox.

Scripbox is a full-stack wealth management service, offers backed data wealth distillations for the growth and diversification of their buyer property. Scripbox leveraged WebEngage’s potential to improve engine and engagement with users. A 150% increase in the notification has reached the witness. Scripbox continued to use more targeted ways like in-app, web push to engage with a large planned audience. 

To get the user’s visits, Scripbox was ready to make better action with its consumers. Using WebEngage’s frequency capping feature, it will manage the communication across channels without overwhelming its users with repetitive messages. 

The company allowed Scripbox to target users better through segmentation and contextual action. The regular use of the channels led to increased engagement and sustained progress proportionally for the brand. Scripbox saw an increase in engagement by 1.5X and by 1.1X in progress using the app push channel. 

The consistent use of the channels led to increased engagement and bolstered conversions proportionally for the brand.

Prateek Mehta, Co-Founder, Scripbox, said, WebEngage’s combination with Scripbox has successfully increased user engagement as well as conversions for the brand, which is exceptional. The main vision is to focus on increasing engagement with better segmentation and sustainable use of channels.

The SMS channel used by the platform helped the Company beholder an increase of 1.7X in engagement leading to ahead of progress by ~1.5X. We are happy to have WebEngage on board to offer to our success and be associates. 

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage, said, It’s glad to have partnered with Scripbox to help build a user engagement approach with sustainable use of channels. The brand has a strong opinion of the user visit, WebEngage platform has appeared in a spike in conversions.

We are glad to enable Scripbox in their growth journey and learn from their extraordinary wins to help create a better platform for consumer brands in the ecosystem. 

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