The Evolving PR Industry


PR has dramatically evolved during the last ten years and is now taking a different dimension. Especially after the entry of social media, clients are becoming more demanding. They are expecting their consultants to be on their toes to manage their brand reputation. In addition, as news these days travels fast, clients expect quick responses and action in case of a crisis. 

The hit of Covid 19 PR is somewhat at a pivotal point. With more and more brands began to shift to direct selling and self-promotion during this time, PR services are less needed. There has been a visible shift in the strategies. PR now can showcase its various strategic like examining and advising on the reputational implications of the decisions a company will have to make in its course of the journey and some cases, what those decisions could be. The PR now addresses both internal and external and considers both traditional and digital mediums. Both mediums are equally important; the pandemic has once again brought them front and center. Both the medium has its importance and has to be looked at independently. 

There is often an overlap between responsibility and ownership when it comes to digital and social communications work. The client’s vision and objectives are to be considered for a successful and on-point PR campaign. Since the CEO is the face of the brand, delivering his vision to stakeholders and engaging with the CEO is critical for the PR function. These days CEOs and their brands are considered as one, which requires that CEOs be positioned and understood for their purpose too. Building a CEO’s reputation on social media has become is necessary, and it cannot be done authentically without their involvement. 

One of the hurdles of the PR industry is the spreading of fake news. With the advent of social media, word travels faster than wind. Thus one of the critical aspects of PR these days is fake news proliferation, its management, and responses. This is where the importance of a credible reputation of both the brand and the leaders come. With a solid reputation, fake news can be handled easily. 

PR is best measured based on objectives met, which could range from changing an existing perception, rebuilding a new one, ongoing reputation management, or simply keeping the brand in positive highlights. These measurements are discussed ahead of execution to get clarity on what success looks like, and effort is directed, and the impact more tangible. 

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