The K-POP mania: BTS


BTS, the Korean Pop squad, recently broke their world record for the most YouTube views in 24 hours with an astonishing 113 million views for its music video “Butter.” 12 million more than the 101.1 million from the superstars’ last record-breaker, “Dynamite,” which premiered in August last year. And it’s not surprising for the group that’s known as the “Army” to achieve such a feat. 

Their unimaginable popularity has attracted a long list of brands that are under their endorsement. Popular brands include Korean tech giants Samsung, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, McDonald’s, and Louis Vuitton, the luxury brand. McDonald’s has even collaborated with BTS and introduced an attractive limited-edition meal which was launched on June 1, that is being served in over 50 markets, including India. This collaboration which is on a global scale has echoed very well among the BTS fan community around the world, which has taken the social media space by storm. As per The Korea Times, BTS earns ₩3.00 billion (about $2.69 million) to ₩5.00 billion (about $4.49 million) from every brand from South Korea that they endorse. Furthermore, the BTS is estimated to have earned a staggering ₩10.0 billion (about $8.98 million) for their participation in the “BTS Meal” promotion. Variety estimates BTS’s net worth at around $450 million.  

One of the main pillars behind the rise and popularity of BTS is because their songs highlight social issues like bullying, elitism, and mental health that need much attention in our present days. Moreover, despite their enormous wealth and popularity, they promote humble living by living together which also highlights their unity “BTS has become a force to reckon with in the last five years with the popularity of K-Pop that has ruled the music charts across the world. They have a whole generation of youth following which is an opportunity for brands to target and ride on, and hence the long list of brands collaborating with them. Even Though the band has taken over the music world by storm, it is yet to pull India onto its BTS world. There are a lot of young consumers who are coming up and buying products across categories which makes collaborating with the band successful for any brand. But in India, however, this collaboration may only work out in the metropolitan cities as brands will be able to only attract 20-30% of the population in the country,”

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