Tips: monsoon based health insurance and healthy tips


Monsoon, a season as active as this one deserves to be enjoyed fully, without having to worry about seasonal health concerns that can strike at any time, frequently resulting in illness or hospitalization.

While there is no shortage of reasons why we need health insurance at any time, there is a list of reasons why we certainly need one during the rainy season. As we all know, monsoon weather conditions are ideal for the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria. 

Puddles of stagnant water, as well as clogged drains, are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos and other vectors in the aftermath of heavy rains and humidity. Furthermore, the temperature fluctuating between hot and cold can easily cause someone with a weakened immune system to become ill with flu-like symptoms that last for days. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the monsoon season.

Aside from dengue, malaria, and other viral diseases, the heavy rainfall during this season causes a slew of other serious risks owing to an increase in the frequency of traffic accidents throughout the rainy season each year. In such circumstances, a decent health insurance policy might be your sole ally. Surprisingly, most health insurance firms now provide coverage tailored particularly for the monsoon season.

Everything you need to know 

The primary benefit of a monsoon-specific Health Insurance policy is that it covers healthcare expenditures incurred as a result of inpatient or out-patient treatment for the most dangerous vector-borne illnesses in people of all ages.

In recent years, the bulk of disease-specific plans have become the most personalized insurance services that give a slew of beneficial benefits to consumers. The following are the most typical advantages: 

1. Comprehensive hospitalization coverage for a wide range of ailments, including infections, unintentional accidents, and noncommunicable diseases. 

2. Diagnostic tests are included.

3. OPD visits and day-care treatments are covered. 

4. During an emergency, road, and air ambulance coverage is provided.

Important Health Tips to Stay Healthy:

While having enough health insurance for yourself and your loved ones is a must for financial security, it is always prudent to avoid as many health issues as possible by taking cautious steps during the rainy season. Every day, you may enjoy the rain while drinking on the benefits of antioxidants with a healthy cup of green tea and a balanced diet rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables. 

Do follow the steps below:

  • To minimize flu-like symptoms, maintain proper hygiene and avoid touching your nose and mouth with filthy hands. Put on clean, cotton clothing. 
  • Drink as much clean, boiling, and lukewarm water as possible; avoid drinking cold water. 
  • To improve your immunity, include ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon in your diet. 
  • Use mosquito repellent that is gentle on the skin.
  • Before leaving the house, make sure you’re properly dressed. 
  • Keep an umbrella ready in case you get stranded somewhere or are soaked by an unexpected downpour. 
  • And, of course, in addition to the foregoing, take all necessary covid measures.

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