Twitter clarifies Elon Musk on user data


Twitter is now Elon Musk’s property. He has added another gem to his crown as he tries to conquer the world with his wit and sometimes weird manner.

But, now the question arises that Twitter has a large number of users. It also has many spam accounts. Culprits use these accounts to spread wrong info and to dupe people.

So how can one know the number of false accounts and their details? Well, it is tough to evaluate such an amount of data. It is because Twitter has a fire hose. The fire hose gets a large amount of data continuously.

The large number of twits that we see every minute makes it difficult to process the entire data. But Twitter has managed to process that 5% of its users are scam accounts.

But if Musk decides to process the data, he can easily hire some data analysts and get the results. On the other hand, Musk believes that Twitter has at least 20% of fake accounts.

There are already a lot of companies that have paid for the fire hose. But in real life, the problem also lies in detecting the number of accounts that are at present active only for getting updates. It is because the fire hose of Twitter doesn’t detect such accounts. It keeps on displaying all the data that it receives instantly.

These entire fake accounts topic matters due to the doubts that Musk has. He is in doubt that Twitter has a large number of users as fake. So, for quite some time he put the Twitter deal on hold until he received the data from Twitter.

Ultimately, when he received the data, after that he went ahead with the deal.

All of these data-related matters point to one thing. It is now up to Elon Musk that he wants to deal with such accounts in the future. He can be thinking of something in this matter.

The fake account holders may face something in the future if Elon Musk is serious about dealing with such users. In the end, this topic can yield some noteworthy results.

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