Zero Gravity bags the Digital Mandate for Havmor


Zero Gravity Communications was awarded a communication mandate for print, digital media duties for the #MOR2GO range of products for Havmor. Their consistent brand messaging across platforms, out-of-the-box strategy, and seamless execution helped Havmor get first product validation in Ahmedabad and now help launch in Bangalore and Mumbai phase 2 lunch. Don’t Stop the Fun is the positioning offered by the brand, there is #MOR2GO, the campaign aims to reinforce the wonderful experience of eating artisanal ice-creams and that too, by distributing doorstep.

A multi-pronged approach for the brand was designed by Zero Gravity Communications. In the first period, print ads were put in leading publications to allow Havmor to acquire a regional voice share. The simultaneous seeding by search engine advertisements and social media advertisements on digital channels helped create a powerful brand recall. The Agency has also produced advertisements based on product engagement that emphasizes USPs and product experience. There was also a deeply engaging social influencer initiative with influential Ahmedabad food influencers to ensure a lively hyperlocal presence.

Khushboo Sharma who is the founder & CEO, Zero Gravity Communications said that the enormous challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic was to restore the trust of consumers in healthy doorstep distribution and that, too, for a commodity such as ice cream that is normally bought rather than online at parlors. They decided to bring forth a modern artisanal ice-cream experience with a direct contact at the gates. With the first print advertisement, they have taken an iterative approach along with a digital campaign that focuses on Gujarat regionally. They will now push things forward with many states where Havmor is present along with product films portraying product experience and they will transition to a narrative in the future.

Vincent Noronha who is the Parlour Business Head of Havmor Ice-Cream said that their recently launched artisanal collection prioritizes developments in the parlor and offers ice cream lovers a delicious experience. At a time when disruptive developments had intensified the desire for joy, protection, and warmth from trustworthy brands, they recognized market appetite. The accessibility of customers has been limited by COVID-19 and a lot of demand has shifted online. He also claimed that their latest offering overcomes this challenge and provides ice cream lovers with a wholesome experience to pump up the excitement of celebrations. Innovation based on customers will still be at the forefront of their product plan and business model.

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