Fast&Up enters child nutrition market


Fast&Up, an active nutrition brand, has extended its outreach to the child nutrition segment with a new range of immune boosters and electrolyte supplements for children. Backed by Swiss effervescent technology, Fast&Up Charge Kidz and Fast&Up Reload Kidz feature high-quality ingredients in delicious flavors that make drinking for good health fun and simple. The range is made across India in retail shops, e-commerce sites, Kirana stores, top medical stores, and on the company’s website.

Both Fast&Up Reload Kidz and Fast&Up Charge Kidz have no added sugar or artificial coloring. The tablet can be placed in 250 ml of water, and the kid can drink it once it is fully dissolved. These items are suitable for active children, athletic enthusiasts, or squeaky eaters. By bridging the gap in quality nutrition for children in India, the brand will fulfill the increasing needs of both parents and children through effervescent nutrition. Effervescent supplements are better for children to consume than their conventional counterparts, so consuming supplements in a liquid form is easier than swallowing pills every day.

Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Reload were introduced before COVID-19 reached the market and long before immunity became a global buzz word. Both the premium range of products were doing well, but with the outbreak of the pandemic, they were overshadowed by their increasing popularity among Indians from all walks of life, going on to become the most recommended immune boosters and electrolyte option for instant energy and replenishment.

Formulated with natural immunity boosters that protect, develop, and improve immunity, Fast&Up Charge Kidz is made up of mango-flavored effervescent tablets. It comprises eight immunosuppressive ingredients backed by Swiss effervescent technology. This helps to allow greater uptake of nutrients and higher bioavailability. Fast&Up Reload Kidz is an effective diet formulated with scientifically tested ingredients such as critical electrolytes, important vitamins, and natural energy boosts to provide instant hydration, energy, and electrolyte replenishment. Every tablet, with its 2 in 1 rapid action formula in berry flavor, offers quicker absorption of nutrients, increased bioavailability, and is mild in the stomach.


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