AI- A Boon or a Curse ?


Artificial intelligence is a field that combines computing and robust data sets to solve problems. It also includes the subfields of machine learning and deep learning, which are often connected with AI. With advances in technology, life has become much simpler than before. Today, a lot of hype still surrounds AI development, which is to be expected of any new emerging technology in the market

Artificial intelligence has become a true savior in the field of technology. AI has made everything possible, from monitoring road traffic to detecting fraud, to helping doctors and surgeons with a wide range of medical procedures.
Artificial intelligence has entered our lives like never before and it is time to ensure that this technology is used ethically and that our politics remain democratic. It is equally important that our politics are well informed.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to dominate the world of technology, we have seen big changes in recent years. . As these powerful technologies have the potential to both enhance and disrupt people’s lives, these changes will have a significant ethical impact. Artificial intelligence, in its enhanced form, offers us everything humanity already has, both good and bad. It is therefore important to pay close attention to how these transitions take place.

When it comes to the ethics of artificial intelligence, it must be pointed out that things are more complicated than they appear, Few of these reasons are listed below

1.The insane growth in the size of databases.
2.The huge increase in computing power.
3.The huge development of machine learning algorithms and the advanced human talent required to write them.

One of the most frequently asked questions about AI is whether AI systems will work as promised or fail. If AI systems work as promised, the questions do not arise. But what happens if they fail? What are the consequences of failure? If these systems fail, is it possible to survive without them? While this is worth paying attention to, more important is whether AI will remain true to its fundamental purpose – to help people live longer, more prosperous and more fulfilling lives. The fact that there are countless examples of AI having an enormously positive impact on society convinces us of how good this technology is.

On the other hand, there are cases where a perfectly good technology, such as nuclear weapons, can cause enormous damage if used as intended. This means that artificial intelligence can be used maliciously in the same way that human intelligence can be used maliciously. So what can be the conclusion? The technology itself is neutral: it is only how it is used in society that determines whether it will have good or bad consequences.

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