ASI takes the help of IIT Jodhpur


IIT Jodhpur has entered into a partnership with ASI to create VR and AR platforms.

These platforms will act as a platform to showcase some artifacts. It will enable people to explore the artifacts, which are not been on display anywhere in India until now. It will also help in developing interests among the youngsters to pursue fields of archeology for some exceptional artifacts.

ASI is betting big on this partnership as it has various artifacts with it which cannot be put on display at any of the museums because of space constraints.

This idea will also help people in exploring some part of history without leaving their homes.

The younger generation is the main target behind this plan. It will encourage them to explore more in the archeological field and know more about the history of our country.

The two platforms are becoming more popular among the youth. It is being seen as a future innovation from a technological point of view. It is becoming more popular because of its involvement in the metaverse and its advancements. These fields are expected to grow at a rate of around ten times worldwide. Currently, the field is worth $30 billion on the international stage.

Previously, ASI did deploy this tech in showcasing some of the popular monuments to the public. The monuments include the Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb, Ajanta Caves, and Sarnath. These monuments are available on the Google Culture and Arts app and can be viewed by using the cardboard VR headset.

The ASI is putting in efforts to attract more youth to the field of exploration and preservation. It will be beneficial for the youth as they will get to explore and interact with the rich heritage of our country.

The two platforms of AR and VR are very much in sync with the taste of the younger generation. These fields will see more innovation in the future. It will beneficial for all as it will help in making the entire world more accessible.

The changes will bring in new involvement from the general public as well as investments from the start-ups that are already working in the field.

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