Django Digital crafts an influencer campaign for Rasna


With their most recent influencer campaign on Instagram, Rasna stirs up memories in the hearts of their clients. Everyone’s favourite summertime beverage is back in a brand-new guise, remixing the classic “I Love You Rasna” jingle into a funky new tune.

 The company worked with music composer Mayur Jumani to transform the catchy and upbeat “I Love You Rasna” tagline into a song with glass harps and other components. This was done in cooperation with their digital partner, Django Digital. With the song “I Love You Rasna” playing in the background while they danced, mom celebs and influencers shared their Rasna stories on Instagram to launch the campaign. Soha Ali Khan Pataudi and Neha Dhupia, two well-known celebrity moms, may be seen dancing to the song. To reach their ideal target group, the business not only worked with famous moms but also with influencer moms.

 People were invited to upload videos of themselves dancing to the song with the hashtag #YehRasnaKaVibeHai to make the campaign more interesting. The contest had an overwhelming response, with submissions flowing in from every region of India, making it an instant success. Free Rasna hampers for the entire year could be won by the best dance video!

 Rasna has always been well-known, particularly in the summer when the company offers its customers some respite from the sweltering heat. The company has an emotional bond with its clients, thus to maintain that bond, they choose to use the new age medium in which its customers are active. At this point, it became necessary to remix the well-known and iconic “I Love You Rasna” catchphrase.

 It has been a pleasure to work with a venerable company like Rasna, according to Shivang Shah, co-founder of Django Digital. Since we first heard the catchphrase “I Love You Rasna” and saw the enduring television commercial, times have changed. We were up for the challenge of using the new-age marketing approach to evoke the same feelings. When mothers were observed dancing to this audio track and drinking Rasna with their kids in our neighbourhood, we knew that this campaign had been successful. In addition to building an active mom influencer community on Instagram, the campaign has already attracted over 1 million views. This serves as further evidence that using influencers to sell a business is one of the most efficient methods to broaden its appeal and raise its trust.

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