Bata India to expand its online presence


The way people buy shoes has changed over time, moving from local multi-brand shops to mall-based branded outlets, and now to online retailers. One of the biggest shoe companies in the nation, Bata India, has developed alongside shifting fashions. And now, the business will expand its social media presence by introducing social commerce to connect with customers where they are. 

“The idea is that we don’t wait for a customer to come to our two or three channels. Instead, we reach out to them and offer our products there. According to Anand Narang, Bata India’s vice president of marketing and customer experience, “We are considering how influencers might do more than just promote a product—they might also direct people to the website. 

Through digitally enabled channels, which presently account for 15% of the company’s overall sales, the company plans to increase its revenues. As a result, it will be able to showcase its products on social media sites like Instagram and give them a link that would take them to the website. In the United States, it has tried out this format. 

In 1931, the Czech business made its way to India. It has established itself as the go-to brand for formal and academic footwear over time. However, the company has been consciously changing its portfolio over the past 5–6 years, moving from a “useful and durable” brand to a “casual and fashionable” one. 

The ‘Surprisingly Bata’ ad, which starred actress Kriti Sanon and the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, provided the first indication of the transition in 2018. With the recently unveiled campaign “It’s got to be Bata,” the company’s image appears to have advanced to the following stage of development. Earlier, the goal was to increase public awareness of Bata. It now informs them that Bata can meet all of their needs. 

“For the first four years of communication, our goal was to dispel the notion among customers that Bata was exclusively used for school shoes”. After the “Surprisingly Bata” campaign, consumers observed a difference in the stores’ product selections, according to our research. campaign. After leaving, we understood that consumers now demand fashionable Bata, according to Narang. 

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