Cartoon Network launches Best Summer Ever campaign


With its Best Summer Ever campaign, Cartoon Network, a WarnerMedia kids’ entertainment channel, is ushering in the holiday season for its fans. Throughout May and June, the channel will turn homes into the ultimate destinations for thrilling family adventures. Every day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., Cartoon Network will broadcast a new episode of ‘Grizzy and the Lemmings,’ ‘Tom and Jerry,’ and ‘BandbudhAurBudbak.’

Cartoon Network will launch the microsite with over 150 home-based events around five themes to amuse and regale kids in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Kids can see every corner of their homes turn into the playful spaces they see on their television shows with a little creativity and a little support from their parents.

Best Summer Ever, driven by Rasna, will feature a slew of activities centered on famous franchises such as ‘We Bare Bears,’ ‘Tom and Jerry,’ ‘Looney Tunes,’ ‘Teen Titans Go!,’ and ‘Ben10.’ On the microsite, the engaging tasks will be distributed through several “pillars” that relate to specific areas of the house.

In the shower, kids will enjoy the greatest musical performance of all time, ‘Toon Tunes Valley,’ or be inspired by the most fabulous dance routine, ‘Gymsville,’ in the living room. The following are some of the most entertaining themes:

Play: ‘Looney Tunes’ Craft Creek – Nothing beats indulging in your production for satisfaction! There’s no time to relax or even say “What’s Up Doc?” with show-themed food recipes and DIY craft activities.

Music: ‘We Bare Bears’ by Toon Tunes Valley – Grab your hairbrush and channel Ice Bear’s trust as you practice your vocals to famous Cartoon Network tracks.

Movement: ‘Tom and Jerry’ in Gymsville – Have you ever wondered why Tom never gets tired of going on a mouse hunt? We’re spilling the beans on Tom’s top-secret collection of Cartoon Network workout videos so you can get ready for your upcoming home adventures!

Explore:‘Teen Titans Go!,’ with the help of Toonsplorer Island. – Let’s add some fizz to your virtual life by drawing, painting, solving, decorating, and even updating your mobile devices with wallpapers of your favorite cartoons.

Games: ArcadeTown with ‘Ben10′ – Have an intergalactic time online playing various games with your favorite cartoons.

Abhishek Dutta, South Asia Network Head for Cartoon Network and WarnerMedia companion channel POGO, spoke at the launch, saying that with the current challenging times and the anxiety that comes with it for homebound kids, the launch was timely. Best Summer Ever is a regional campaign created by Cartoon Network to help kids especially enjoy their summer vacations, keeping them engaged and entertained in the safety and comfort of their own homes, with their families.

Cartoon Network will also launch digital competitions and challenges to inspire families and kids to participate in as many events as possible on the microsite. The children who participate the most consistently will be eligible to win fun brand prizes. There’s also a plethora of summer-themed recipes, crafts, sing-alongs, watch parties, and more.

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