CEAT Securedrive, the new word for safety


CEAT tires is an Indian-based multinational tire company. The company is the leading tire company in the country. The company was founded in 1924, in Turin, Italy. The reach of the presence of the CEAT tires isn’t just in India. The reality is there is a global recognition of the company.

The company has its parent organization with RPG groups. The company is the finest of its kind. This is mainly due to its world-class products. CEAT tires import its goods to over 100 countries around the globe.

Recently the tire company has come up with a new and effective campaign enhancing the features of the tires. The ad displays the features of the Securadrive tire ranges. The company with its new ad was able to display what it had intended to with the help of world-famous Indian actor Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan has been off the limelight for some time and has been only part of very few acting projects. CEAT tires being one of the few projects, Aamir has outdone his role here as well. The ad begins with an apartment locality enjoying the results of a cricket match.

Cricket being an emotion in the country the ad displays the reality of how the country looks forward to the sport. The die-hard fan Aamir is seen to be a part of an ideal world or rather country. Where he is seen explaining to other fans how they shouldn’t celebrate their team’s win recklessly.

He is seen elaborating how we shouldn’t burst firecrackers on the road as it is not safe and rather we should celebrate the victory safely and securely. Suddenly a narration followed by Aamir Khan where he says such an environment in the country where citizens think responsibly is far from near. Until then Aamir endorses the use of CEAT tires because a car with these tires was able to control the vehicle due to the unexpected people celebrating a cricket match’s result. This is exactly what CEAT tire promises with their Securedrive range, to drive safely in the event of unexpected or unforeseen intrusion. The range of tires is what the country needs due to how the traffic in the country works.

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