‘Degpeg offers a complete range of solutions’


Puneet Monga, a seasoned professional in media and commerce, joins Degpeg as VP of Global Business Growth. 

Following a successful run in the international market, Degpeg is expanding its business operations throughout India with Mr Puneet Monga to obtain more market share and introduce leading brands to the live shopping environment. 

In addition to the US and Bangalore, Puneet Monga, who just joined Degpeg as VP – Global Business Growth, discusses how the SAAS firm began its journey in Mumbai. 

Global brands including Xiaomi, Cure Skinn, Wow Skin Science, Helios, Samsung, and Plumgoodness are already associated with Degpeg. 


Why are you such a welcome addition to the Degpeg team? 

I will bolster the company’s core management team and lead Degpeg’s ambitious expansion and marketing strategies as an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience. My extensive background in live commerce, e-commerce, content marketing, and retail at the CXO level will assist in advancing Degpeg’s company development. 

What novel ideas will you contribute to the expansion of the company? 

Degpeg offers a comprehensive range of solutions for brands and retail enterprises, which sets it apart from other live commerce businesses in India.  

While the majority of businesses only provide technical help, Degpeg 

 offers a comprehensive 360-degree strategy. All aspects of live commerce are handled here, from marketing to growth. 

How will you improve on this innovative step? 

I’ll be able to adapt my aggressive approach to a new brand and retail business onboarding to this fast-paced setting. 

(Puneet Monga began working for GE in 2000 and afterwards had positions at Intelnet (Teleperformance), IBM Daksh, and Arsenius. When he joined TVC Skyshop as the Director, Media, and BPO in 2008, he made the transition to the retail/commerce sector. He joined TV Products India Pvt Ltd. as CEO two years later and is credited with boosting the business’s income and growth. The largest celebrity-driven Video Commerce, E-Commerce, and Retail business in India was successfully reformed and executed when he joined Best Deal as the COO. Since that time, Monga has worked in senior management roles for several tech companies that offer SAAS and has assisted them in growing their operations. Monga worked as the Global Business Director for a SAAS Startup before joining Degpeg. Degpeg is counting on its new vice president of business development to position the Mumbai office and steer the company into undeniable success.) 

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