Trivayu Media to empower over 1,000 gig workers


Over 1000 gig workers would receive income sources from TriVayu Media Works, India’s largest hyperlocal content and resource distribution network, in the upcoming quarter. Trivayu stands out as a solution that assists India’s top businesses in focusing on the hyperlocal market by creating incredibly specialised content, marketing, and resource management services. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were around 500 people connected to the TMW; today, there are 700, and all of them are empowered and making a respectable living. This is in addition to the brand’s plans to 100% grow its permanent personnel. A variety of positions, such as those for content creators, graphic designers, and video editors, will be filled. In addition to its full-time staff, Trivayu contracts with approximately 200 additional resources. TMW will increase its existing strength from 700 to roughly 1700 employees as it seeks to empower over 1000 gig workers over the next three to four months. 

“At TMW, we just want the talented youth in India’s expanding Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities to earn money without ever leaving home. We are glad to provide growth possibilities to over 1000+ gig workers. In spite of worries about start-up layoffs, the widespread use of the internet and e-commerce is creating opportunities for even the most disadvantaged groups in society, and we are proud to play a part. According to Mr.Ratnendra K Pandey, co-founder of the startup Trivayu Media Works, “Effectively onboarding gig workers has the ability to grow business traction and concurrently close India’s income and employment disparities.” 

The majority of TMW’s workforce comes from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities because effectively targeting these cities has led to quick TAT, cost efficiency, and multilingual operations in addition to creating jobs for those at the bottom of the pyramid. TMW’s content partners are connected from more than 200 cities. 

In order to better match with the prospects and growth of our business, we also intend to strengthen our creative design team, he continued. 

To help companies reach a wider audience, TMW offers material in over 21 languages and has satisfied the needs of over 110 clients. 

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