Hide & Seek Fills confuses eaters with sweet nothings


For its breakfast cereal, Hide and Seek Choco Fills, Parle Products has released a TV commercial. It highlights the dual functions that it can serve as an anytime snack and a breakfast option. The clip, conceived by DDB Mudra, intends to connect with millennials, who prefer to eat snacks while on the go.

Every area of our lives, particularly when it comes to food, is filled with a little more love. We want more chakna with our drink of booze, more cheese on our pizza, more peri peri masala on our fries, and so on.

When Parle Products, a major FMCG company, announced its foray into the breakfast cereal market, it appears that it was thinking along similar lines. Thank you for letting Parle Platina’s Hide & Seek Fills.

With products like Nestle Koko Krunch, Tata Soulfull Ragi Bites, Kellogg’s Chocos Fills, and Cadbury Bournvita Fills, the Parle brand will face competition.

Not only do these packaged goods, but also desi breakfast items, compete with Hide & Seek Fills. Idli, dosa, poha, jalebi, parantha, dhokla, and more… And given that the majority of people are still working from home and attending school, wouldn’t they prefer hot, freshly made food than anything from a packet?

The movie takes place during a class exam, and a female nudges the boy in front of her to explain how difficult the question paper is to understand. In between bites of Hide & Seek Fills, he turns and begins to describe how the food is cereal but may be consumed anytime, with or without milk. The exam supervisor approaches him after hearing him speak and describes his description of the cereal as “confusing” as the entire class turns to gaze at him.

According to Krishnarao Buddha, senior category head at Parle Products, “Kids segment is one of the most exciting verticals for any consumer goods company as they want innovation and out-of-the-box offerings. Customers are continuously seeking fresh, fascinating solutions, and Parle Products aims to develop that thriving consumer ecosystem while satisfying every need. As a result, we have created room on the shelf for a breakfast item that will fulfill both taste and necessity. The TVC demonstrates how the product’s crunchy texture and melt-in-your-mouth sensation would make consumers want to have “Hide & Seek Fills,” which are a lovely experience and a fun alternative to breakfast or as a great snack at any time.”

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