Instagram testing new age verification features


Instagram has been testing a new feature that enables it to verify the age of the platform users more smartly. Currently, it allows the user to provide any identification proof for age verification. But, now it is testing a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to know the age of the person by scanning the face of the user.

It is trying to enable this feature because it helps in preventing some of the problems which are being faced by some users today. First of all, if Instagram can verify the correct age of the user successfully. Then it will be able to structure its content accordingly. For example, if the user is between 13 and 17 years of age, then Instagram will show more relevant content for the users. It will also be able to block the adult users from communicating with the teenagers. It will also help in preventing the companies from targetting such teenage users with advertisements that can be inappropriate sometimes.

Such features are currently in demand as people are starting to realize the ill effects of social networks. The social network is there to let people connect independently without any boundaries. But now it has its fair share of disadvantages.

First of all, the social network can be addictive if it is used inappropriately. Secondly, the social network can also sometimes act as a medium for spreading false news or inappropriate content among the users without considering their age or the sensitivity of the content. These can have dangerous results as they can hurt the sentiments of the users and can result in rights or other worse situations.

So the features, like the one Instagram is trying to implement, will be beneficial as they will help in making the social media platform a safe place for users of all age groups, especially children. It will also enable the parents to feel safe when their kids are online, as the chances of a kid interacting with inappropriate content will also reduce.

All of these changes will take effect gradually and will show us the ultimate results as a clear picture.

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