Kaya launches new digital campaign #Skindependence75


Kaya has launched a digital campaign called #Skindependence75. Kaya, staying loyal to its new identity and highlighted by a new purpose-fueled tagline “Beautiful is You,” intends to refute typical beauty clichés through its 75 in-house dermatologists on the 75th anniversary of its founding. 

By sharing 75 beauty secrets with its millions of clients, this campaign attempts to liberate its customers from the constraints of old myths. Kaya has been at the forefront of skin health for many years, and its doctors have the knowledge and experience to share their expertise and dispel beliefs that their clients have believed in since time immemorial.

75 doctors from Kaya have joined to dispel popular face care myths ranging from whether cold water reduces pores to whether the sun can help acne. The professionals are dedicated to making skincare accessible to everyone and promoting Kaya’s slogan, “Beautiful is you.” 

“At Kaya, we believe that every individual should reach their desired beauty goal, and we are here to help you accomplish exactly that by shattering popular beauty myths that our customers have believed in for the longest time,” stated Samyukta Ganesh Iyer, VP and Head of Marketing at Kaya. While we think that “beauty is you” and that you define your own beauty, we also want our clients to understand the distinction between beauty secrets and myths.

Kaya’s one-of-a-kind combination of fantastic services and customized products handpicked by world-class skin influencers, 90+ professional dermatitis, and cutting-edge technology creates an experience steeped in luxury and driven by high competence. Our charming #Skindependence campaign is a clear call to action, bringing customers into the Kaya journey to achieve the most beautiful skin and hair of their desires.

Marico Limited formed the firm on March 27, 2003. It separated from Marico in September 2013 to become an independent company, and it is now trading on the National Stock Exchange under the symbol KAYA. In India, there are over 70 Kaya Clinics spread across 26 cities. Kaya also has 23 clinics in three Middle Eastern nations and e-commerce platforms in India and the Middle East.

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