Conceptualized by phantom ideas-Ajio launches sneakerhood 2.0 campaign

Conceptualized by phantom ideas-Ajio launches sneakerhood 2.0 campaign

Ajio welcomes sneaker universe a curated store for sneakerheads and sneaker enthusiasts. Ajio got something for everyone from the top charts to insights and from the classic to the latest drops. From the alma mater of sneakers like puma, Nike, and converse brands which have gained huge popularity like veja, Asics, and steve madden. Across the nation, Ajio sneaker hood’s offerings are appealing to the likes of sneakerheads. 

Trends and technology, be it the product, Ajio sneakerhood is now standing at the helm of an industry evolving at speed. Vineeth Nair, CEO of the Ajio, commenting on the campaign said that it is challenging to stay ahead of the curve- a challenge they welcome happily. He also says Ajio has got the finest sneakers of the world- everything from gel-lytes to disruptors, from V 10s to chuck taylors, from air Jordan to stan smith…you name it and we have it. Nair expresses that the world’s greatest sneaker store is just a tap away and we need to let the Indian sneakerheads know this through Ajio’s new campaign.

When customers will be entering the store, they will experience the resurgence of the retro electro-cyberpunk theme. The Ajio sneaker depot has its lingo, cultural connect, individualistic style, and of course sneaker selection for its customers, as the world reels from the effects of the surge of the new digital natives. It caters to a digital experience like no other while selecting one to match their style and also caters to the rising demand of generation X, millennials, Zoomers as well as generation Alpha. 

The campaign film’s intent from its inception was inclusivity while introducing the fresh drop. Ajio features a diverse community of sneakerheads and presents the most notable sneaker pairs from its house. The campaign aims to sustain and build a large community of sneakerheads in India by resonating with their love for sneakers. The campaign film brings a foot-taping track, all in tune with fun, and also brings forth the unapologetic loyalty and emotional eccentricities of true sneakerheads. the campaign film shows some smile-inducing moments, in-trend sneakers, and super relatable characters in it. 

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