New Masterbrand campaign with an ad film launched by Kellogg

Kellogg's Chocos
New Masterbrand campaign with an ad film launched by Kellogg

Kellogg’s focus is to signify that children who have a stomach-filling nutritious breakfast will get the hunger to achieve more in life, in line with the purpose of ‘nourish your great’, through its new master brand campaign, ‘kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh’. 

This campaign is conceptualized by Ogilvy India. Kellogg conveys how consuming a nourishing breakfast motivates every child to achieve their daily goals across extra-curricular activities, sports, and academics, through its newly launched campaign with an ad film. The film will be rolled out across various media platforms such as digital mediums like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TV, as well as e-commerce. Also, this film is the first in the overall campaign. The film is showing that a school-going girl, who is shown in various situations in school and trying to ace both extra-curricular activities and academics. She is shown to perform well in exams, dives off the board into a swimming pool, and is seen excited and curious about other activities also. 

Then the film shows the mother’s resolve to help her child to achieve these tasks by ensuring that her child leaves home after eating such a nutritious breakfast every morning. This ad film then ends with the girl who is eating Kellogg’s chocos with the milk and diving off the board into the swimming pool, and this concept is supported by the tagline voiced over as ‘Kellogg’s. Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki Bhook’. 

Prashant Peres, managing director of Kellogg south Asia, providing insights on the campaign said that the new Masterbrand campaign is their attempt to share how consuming a nourishing breakfast every morning enables children to excel in activities that play a crucial role in their overall growth. One in every four urban Indians across all age groups skips their breakfast, as per the India breakfast habit study. The study also shows that key nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and fiber are missed at breakfast. And are not compensated through the other meals of the day. For the Masterbrand campaign, these insights served as a guiding light over the years. 

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