Little Angel baby diaper started its new year with the refreshing campaign

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Little Angel baby diaper started its new year with the refreshing campaign

New parents always want to adopt the best style of parenting, in today’s new age and day. Parents invest in therapy sessions, books, and many other avenues that drive them to provide the best for their kids. They want to provide comfort, love, and care to their kid in the best way possible. 

Little angel follows this behavior of parents and has come up with its new campaign called Baby ‘Chaahe Jo Banna Chaahe, Bachpan Banaye Little Angel’ with their new television commercial. By launching the ad campaign for their baby diaper brand- little angel premium pants, PAN healthcare kickstarted its new year. They bring the wonderful talents that every child holds, and also bring an entertaining fresh ad film that welcomes the audience to celebrate the innocence of childhood. 

Chirag Pan, MD, and CEO of PAN healthcare speaking about the ad campaign said that while they wanted to communicate their brand promise and quality clearly, they were looking for something that can differentiate them in the market. This is where ADbhoot came in and understood the brief well and conceptualized this idea of a baby-centric approach. Vaibhav Pandit, founder & creative director at ADbhoot who has directed and conceptualized this TVC, commenting on the campaign said that in the mother and baby relationship, they wanted to move away from the general worn-out approach of focusing on it. While the feature and quality of the diaper were part of the communication, the campaign mainly focused on putting across the brand philosophy. 

This new campaign led audience to move away from the general product-centric approach to a more baby-centric approach. To not generalize all mothers and their babies as one, but to rather celebrate their uniqueness. Through the visuals, music, and concept little angel baby diaper want to reflect the safety, health, and comfort that PAN health is trying to provide to every baby. 

Commenting on the campaign, Monika Dharankar, Business & content head at Adbhoot said that pure, innocent, and simple is what babies are, and ADbhoot aims to come up with the ideas and insights that help little Angel to build a personal connection with their audience while becoming the preferred choice of customers. 

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