Nielsen’s changing phase of audience measurement: David Kenny 

Nielsen’s changing phase of audience measurement: David Kenny 

David Kenny, CEO of, Nielsen spoke about the changing innovation and trends in the world of audience measurement while interviewing Rahul Kanwal, Director, of India Today. Kenny also highlights the fast-paced media businesses as well as what the inclusions of AI tools will do to the sector of audience measurement.

 David started the interview by speaking about the major trends and innovations, which are being watched out for in audience measurement. He says what we are doing is moving away from measuring phone scenes, measuring TV scenes, and measuring devices. It is all the same, which is why Nielsen moved from machine-based measurement to audience-based measurement. David also says that they are really measuring and respecting time. 

Nielsen measure what exactly the audience is watching in each movement of time and where they spend their whole day and how much of it is on which types of screen. It is an exciting one, a big change, and very respectful of the fact that an audience is now in charge of his or her own experience. Rahul asks how is Kenny hoping to bring all these devices together and link them to the same individual for a better experience. Kenny answers that and says Nielsen has more data than ever before. Setup boxes from cable companies, phones connected to the network, and television connected to the internet can give Nielsen return path data.

 This gives Nielsen starting point for audience measurement due to many data sources. There is some hard point that needs to keep in mind while measuring audience across various media platforms. These include chances of double counting, errors in data, and reconciliation with the same person. For that Kenny says they will use a panel of people who will agree to give their data to Nielsen and then Nielsen will put the two together to get the perfect view of what the audience is actually doing on their media platforms to get better audience measurement. 

This will provide every individual with a personalized media experience. They will also discuss the companies in the US and content producers vs OTT platforms. Kenny thinks that the content producers are going to have a better understanding of the audience, like what the audience is looking for and what they are enjoying. Because the audience is heterogenous across various media platforms. There is so much content and so many choices for each and every audience.

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