New brand H&M Move launches campaign


H&M Move is a new brand that will launch with a worldwide exercise campaign lead by Movers – fitness expert Jane Fonda and choreographer JaQuel Knight. 

Jane reprises her position as an exercise instructor in the premiere ad, inviting the globe to move. JaQuel joins her in leading a multigenerational exercise that celebrates all types of movement and Movers, from the very skilled to the wildly frivolous.

“I’ve spent a lot of my time urging people to move, so I was immediately drawn to H&M Motion’s objective to get the entire globe moving. I also loved their idea of’movewear’ over ‘sportswear.’ It’s not about sports or being the most athletic to me. It’s about providing your body the sort of activity it requires to keep healthy and take care of you, according to “Fonda, Jane.

“Collaborating with H&M Move seemed like a fantastic chance to advance my own aim of breaking down movement boundaries and getting the globe moving and dancing. We’re setting a new standard in sports by demonstrating that there’s no need for a membership to move “JaQuel Knight stated.

“H&M Move is a lifestyle brand. We’re here to celebrate movement and to ask the rest of the globe to do the same. Removing obstacles to sport is key to our mission, which begins with democratizing sports gear. We provide a diverse selection of movewear in a variety of categories that are attractive, useful, and extremely affordable to our clients. Combined with our desire to get everyone and everything moving, we are tremendously motivated for the trip ahead of us, thanks to our Movers Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight “H&M Move General Manager Simon Brown stated.

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, also known as H&M Group (abbreviated H&M), is a Swedish global apparel corporation. It is mostly concerned with fast-fashion apparel for men, women, youth, and children. H&M Group operates in 75 geographical areas with 4,702 outlets under different corporate names as of 2021, employing 107,375 full-time equivalent employees. 

H&M is the second-largest worldwide apparel retailer, after only Inditex of Spain (parent company of Zara). Erling Persson created H&M, and Helena Helmersson is the company’s current CEO.

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