‘Point of New’: An e-book by DDB Mudra Group


DDB Mudra Group has released ‘Point of New’, an e-book containing a series of essays exploring the long-term changes in customer behavior induced by the pandemic. Over 600 COVID’s unique minor signs of social progress have been aggregated over 8 months using the Group’s proprietary Signbanking process. Approved by the Group’s strategy team, 15 essays serve as a reference in guiding choices for the modern world.

‘Point of New’ presents the effect of new rituals in the post-Covid world on individuals, businesses, and culture at large. The essays address the emerging norms of the new world modeled on concepts that hold the wheel of life rolling, such as Being, Personality, Consumption, and Parenting among others. The analysis started by observing people’s lifestyles and daily routines in their natural world without interference. This anthropological approach to interpreting consumer behavior as it does in daily life has tended to anticipate greater cultural and behavioral changes.

Almost all facets of our lives have been changed by the pandemic. Some changes have been abrupt and involuntary, such as social distancing, wearing masks, stopping public transit, travel bans, etc. For some, it has just increased the introduction of habits that are still gaining momenta, such as the digitization of shopping, banking, and more. Circumstance shifts have a direct effect on behavioral changes, and many customers are expecting significant changes.

The pandemic has pushed people to imagine a different and potentially healthier future. How much different this modern future is going to depend on how we create it. It depends on the decisions we make on the road to the new. Although much has been said about the pandemic from a quantitative point of view, ‘Point of New’ goes a little further. The essays discuss what facets of the modern age might be genuinely significant and which would need vigilance as a brand.

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