Sebamed vs HUL: Case Study


Several news is reported regarding the ongoing battle between Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and Sebamed in India. This conflict is triggered by the advertisement of Sebamed. The battle is followed to the courtroom. The court delivered its verdict related to it and here HUL is chaffing and Sebamed is grinning. This is a problem that emerged out of competitive advertising and the main thing here is what the consumers think about the particular brand. This kind of act can easily divert the mind-set of the consumers.

The Advertisement is focusing on the soap from Sebamed and the advertising is discussing the pH level of soap. The major contention is the pH level of soap and a parameter is using to reflects the acidity or alkalinity. Sebamed is claiming about the scientific proof and other terms related to it. Sebamed is claiming that the pH level in the soap it manufactured is “safe” or “ideal” for sensitive skin when compared to the soaps manufactured by HUL. This is an attempt made by Sebamed to seek the attention of the customers. The prime motive is forgetting the customers switch from buying HUL’s soap to Sebamed’s soap. 

The strategy of comparative advertising is used here to increase the search for the particular brand. The Pepsi Challenge triggering the cola wars, Mac versus PC, BMW versus Mercedes, and many more examples for comparative advertising happens in the past. Good brands are successful in maintaining an emotional attachment with the customers. It can be achieved through the product experience and quality. If the customers of a particular brand   uses rely on it for a long time and the one prominent reason behind it is the quality of the particular product or product works well for them. Tactical marketing can’t do anything with the trust and wealth of experience. This kind of comparative advertising may help in the immediate reaction towards a particular brand. The trust, Preference, choice of a customer is completely depending on the attachment towards a brand. The sustainable proposition is a strong instrument that helps the brands to influence customers and developing a long term relationship with them.

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