WAI WAI Noodles packaging promotes the habit of hand hygiene


With a deliberate approach, CG Corp Global, Nepal’s first billionaire multinational company, has divulged in promoting the good practice of hand and personal hygiene. It steadfastly exhibits a ‘Business with a Purpose‘ strategy by referencing branding imprinted on its internationally celebrated brand the WAI WAI noodles sold under the company’s FMCG vertical CG Foods.

WAI WAI, the world’s most popular instant noodle brand, has a global customer base of more than 50 million people. Given the second outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, WAI WAI recognizes its increased responsibility as an important good provider in India, which is the brand’s second-largest sector.

With the number of cases in many parts of the world, including India, WAI WAI is doing its part to encourage children and youth to wash their hands. The business echoes the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Hand Wash Program” by emphasizing the message on each packet of noodles.

This aligns with the philosophy of creating a better, healthier, and more hygienic ecosystem in the traditional buyer-seller relationship. Since noodles are a popular brand among many young adults and children around the world, the company is using its packaging to spread the message among the millennial customer base. Furthermore, the word “Wash hands, be healthy” is written in both English and Hindi, along with the catchy phrase “Sabun paani haath, humesha saath saath,” promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Mr. GP Sah, CG Corp Global Business Head, commented on the initiative, saying, “We are proud to carry forward our legacy of being the only food brand that started such an initiative last year when the pandemic began.” He also mentioned that they are constantly looking for ways to make the consumer experience more enriching and wholesome as a customer-first company.

They had already produced and distributed about 60 million packets in India and over 240 million packets in South Asia this year. As a multinational corporation, they have been active in a variety of projects through their many branches across the world, and they are actively working to improve the communities in which we live. 

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