Edelweiss Mutual Fund launches investor education film


Every day is a special day to honor our mother’s love, but Mother’s Day makes it even more so. This year, Edelweiss Mutual Fund is releasing a new investor education film based on the concept of “Life ho ya money, Mom ki Advice Zaroori hain.”

The film was created by The Fickle Formula, a Mumbai-based new-age content studio company founded by Suman Sen which specializes in media-independent content solutions.

The role of a mother as a friend, counselor, and confidante in shaping our value system and attitude toward money is honored in this film by Edelweiss Mutual Fund.“Moms have always been the voice at home who has led us, influencing our actions when it comes to savings and money management,” said Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC.

This film honors our mothers’ voices, which, even though they aren’t heard, are still present in our minds. Our mothers direct us to make informed decisions at every point of our lives, as seen in the film. When you ask any family member who manages a home, manages the property, makes financial decisions, and saves money, the answer is always the same: Mom. A mother nurtures her children and helps to awaken feelings in their hearts such as affection and goodness.

We’ve all heard the idiom “A penny saved is a penny won,” and who better to teach it than a mother? Her advice enables us to learn and achieve the life goals we set for ourselves. Mothers are the most influential people in our lives, and they go to great lengths to help us hone our talents, abilities, and personalities. 

“Mothers play a very silent yet defining role in our overall approach to finance, savings, and budgeting,” said Vivek Modi, Co-Founder of Fickle Formula. He mentioned that we may be aware of this subconsciously, but we rarely accept it. And that this is what they discovered throughout the social experiment. Converting those experiences into this digital film, he says, had been an incredible experience.

The Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s #AdviceZarooriHai campaign began in 2018 and has since produced seven digital films that celebrate various life-affirming stories.

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