WARC Digital Commerce helps marketers win e-commerce game


WARC, the very best authority on marketing effectiveness, today introduced WARC Digital Commerce, a one-stop-shop that mixes research, best practices, and insights to help brand marketers and e-commerce leaders plan for fulfillment and develop digital platforms marketing strategies.

 This launch will provide people a transparent grasp of the way to maximize their online presence, media spending, and inventive use to possess an excellent bigger impact on the best digital platforms and increase sales. “As the worlds of promoting, sales, supply chain, and digital commerce move, it’s imperative that marketers have an intensive understanding of how their brands are in contact and working on the foremost retailers,” continued Patrick Miller, Co-President of Ascential Digital Commerce and Co-Founder of Flywheel Digital.

For brand marketers looking to know their own and their competitors’ most modern performance statistics and acquire insights and knowledge that will aid in the expansion of their brands, the introduction of WARC’s Digital Commerce platform may well be a game-changer. WARC Digital Commerce will just like the talents of WARC in marketing and Ascential’s knowledge of e-commerce platforms.

The following subjects are covered by WARC’s Amazon dComm Index: Rising CPCs: in step with Perpetua, a provider of digital advertising optimization services, the common cost per click for sponsored product ads, Amazon’s main ad product, climbed by 29% in March 2022 compared to the identical month the previous year. Competitive Intensity of Paid Search – In paid search, a pick few brands predominate on Amazon, with a lengthy tail of brands vying for visibility. Instacart, in contrast, features a considerably smaller difference between winners and losers, which presents a chance for brand marketers.

 The Circle of Success – dComm category winners include: Nespresso non-alcoholic beverages; Pampers baby products; Pure Encapsulations health products; Barbie toys and games; Kind food; Maybelline beauty products; Duracell household products; Blue Buffalo pet products; and JBL/Harman consumer electronics.

The WARC dComm Index, a proprietary data-led benchmark that takes into consideration product selection, organic search, price, sponsored search, and advertising content, is at the heart of this Amazon Q1 2022 and following deep-dive ecommerce studies. It enables brands to assess their performance against counterparts in their industry and across the best digital commerce platforms, and it will function the undisputed standard for brands looking to thrive within the e-commerce era.

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