Coca-Cola UAE partners with Route Mobile LLC


Route Mobile LLC, a step-down subsidiary of Route Mobile, has made it possible for Coca-Cola UAE to connect with its customers and make it simpler for them to order their favorite beverages online. Route Mobile LLC is a leading C PaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) provider to enterprises, over-the-top (“OTT”) players and mobile network operators. It will be a seamless end-to-end procedure because customers will be able to pay for the order via Coca-Payment Cola’s Gateway without leaving the WhatsApp chatbot.

Customers are no longer required to submit orders through the Coca-Cola UAE website or mobile app. Coca-Cola UAE can now provide its customers a conversational experience by automating the ordering process via a well-liked messaging platform thanks to Route Mobile’s WhatsApp chatbot solution, which went live on June 22, 2022. Save the Coca-Cola UAE WhatsApp number (+971561777560) and send a “Hi” message to activate it.”We wanted to make ordering drinks for our consumers easier, and Route Mobile’s WhatsApp chatbot technology met all of our requirements.

It even allowed us to incorporate our own payment system into the experience, removing the need for users to rely on or install additional apps. This resulted in a win-win situation for Coca-Cola UAE as a brand and for our clients as well, according to a spokesperson for the company.

“With the help of the WhatsApp chatbot ordering solution, Route Mobile has gotten the Coca-Cola UAE brand closer to its consumers. It brings the product right to the customer while maintaining a conversational tone as if the user were messaging someone on the other end. Being an enabler for a worldwide brand like Coca-Cola UAE brings us great joy. This will act as evidence for Route Mobile’s entry into more markets in the area, according to managing director Rajdip kumar Gupta.

Coca-Cola UAE will benefit from Route Mobile’s WhatsApp chatbot solution since it will automate order management, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs. In the future, the company may also be able to offer customer care over the same messaging platform.

Coca-Cola UAE’s use of WhatsApp for conversational commerce is a great illustration of how CPaaS enables brands to seamlessly connect with their audience for a positive customer experience. In comparison to conventional e-commerce methods, this communication channel offers higher efficiency and a quicker return on investment, according to Sharad Thukral, EVP & Business Head- MEA, Route Mobile LLC.


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