The Yoga Institute and Namami Health Retreat collaborate to offer holistic wellness programs.


The Yoga Institute, the oldest structured center of yoga in the world, has established a cooperation with Kerala’s opulent Namami Health Retreat & Wellness Sanctuary. Visitors will be able to benefit from a rich and holistic approach to well-being thanks to Namami’s distinctive fusion of complementary alternative medicine and ancient Indian sciences.

Following the pandemic, wellness travel has gained traction, with an increase in travelers choosing getaways focused on natural healing choices and relaxation. Namami will provide many wellness programs that incorporate yogic kriyas and goal-specific yogic therapies in conjunction with the Yoga Institute. These health programs provide more than standard wellness getaways; they create custom packages utilizing the greatest treatments and functional medicine. To fulfill their desires for wellness, visitors can also enroll in The Yoga Institute’s Teachers Training course at Namami Retreat. These programs are approved internationally and recognized by the Indian government (Ministry of AYUSH – QCI).

The Yoga Institute was established in 1918 to incorporate yoga into daily life for a healthy lifestyle. The Yoga Institute’s heritage is known for a genuine yoga experience, offering expert teaching on asanas and kriyas coupled with a deeper understanding of yogic practices. Their traditional knowledge and uses of yogic principles will support Namami’s wellness and educational programs.

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, Director at The Yoga Institute and President of The International Board of Yoga, commented on this association by saying, Yoga is not only a wellness practice; it is a way of life. We think that anyone who wants to incorporate yoga into their life for a healthier and better living should be able to do so. Together with Namami Health Retreat, we hope to embody its commitment to wellness and provide its visitors with a comprehensive, all-encompassing wellness experience.

The founder and director of Namami Wellness and Health Edu, Vikram Vishwanath, commented on this affiliation by adding, that The Yoga Institute is one of the largest and oldest organized institutions in the world with origins that are deeply ingrained in our Indian culture. Our Namami Approach will be strengthened by this strategic cooperation, which will help advance wellness travel.

Hyderabad based Isthara Co-Living, India’s premium co-living brand and Smart Food Court pioneer has collaborated with Atmasetu, a holistic healthcare and wellness center that follows a preventive, curative and therapeutic process of healing by focusing on the mind, body and soul.

Through the partnership, Isthara aims to provide their residents with physical and mental wellness services during the course of their stay at any of Isthara’s student living or co-living properties. The service, which will be provided free of cost to residents, aims to resolve individual issues related to productivity, burnout, stress management, sleep, nutrition and diet, fitness, and quality of life. The partnership with Atmasetu adds to the company’s list of premium amenities and features that it provides to residents across all its properties

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