Bombay Sweet Shop and Parle-G collab


A first-of-its-kind collaboration where tradition meets innovation – India’s renowned biscuit in a mithai-inspired sweet assortment. 

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Parle-G, India’s popular biscuit brand, teams up with Bombay Sweet Shop, India’s favorite new-age mithai shop, to produce the Geniusly Sweet Collection. 

Parle-G quickly conjures up joyful childhood memories!

This modest, unpretentious biscuit, laden with the benefits of milk and wheat, is at the heart of a plethora of nostalgic tales. Teatime in most Indian families would be completed without this one-of-a-kind glucose cookie, and the tradition of dipping Parle-G biscuits in tea or milk dates back decades. Remember the delightful battle of sucking out the last remnants of its mushy crumbs from the bottom of the cup? Through a unique collaboration, Parle-G and Bombay Sweet Shop bring together heritage and innovation with the Genius Sweet Collection, which includes limited-edition delicacies that guarantee endless joy.

Expect the coziness of teatime and the enchantment of mithai, blended and molded to produce 100% vegetarian sweet delights. In keeping with their spirit of recreation,’ Bombay Sweet Shop presents this much-loved childhood favorite biscuit in two unique and exquisite mithai-inspired concoctions – Parle-G Fudge (625) and Chai Biscuit Choco Barks (400). The collection is available for delivery in various locations across India, as well as at Bombay Sweet Shop in Byculla, Mumbai.

Nothing surpasses eating Parle-G the way it was intended to be, but the inventive brains at Bombay Sweet Shop, India’s favorite new-age mithai shop, have discovered a brand-new way to savor this legendary cookie. The rich Parle-G Fudge, created with 55 percent dark chocolate ganache with bits of Parle-G biscuit, is included in the Genius Sweet Collection. Then it’s wrapped in a brilliantly nostalgic Parle-G peda and topped with a buttery cashew tuile and Parle-G cookie. The Chai Biscuit Choco Barks – Bombay Sweet Shop’s wildly popular Choco Butterscotch Barks collide with the delectable world of Parle-G. Consider dark chocolate covered with butterscotch chai spice caramel and Parle-G, then finished with toasted almonds, sea salt, and chocolate-coated Parle-G.

Bombay Delicious Shop enjoys reimagining traditions that highlight India’s sweet richness. This intimate relationship with Parle-G pays homage to all of our early experiences. This collection, a wonderful marriage of the traditional and contemporary, delivers you, old-fashioned sweetness, in a whole new avatar. This is a lovely, decadent present for a loved one or a cheeky nostalgia-filled sugar rush for yourself! Remember the universal fact that mithai makes everything better. 

The Bombay Sweet Shop and Parle-G Geniusly Sweet Collection are available for delivery across certain cities in India at

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