Marketers Struggle dealing with Data Avalanche


Marketers who have struggled with the drastic changes brought by the Pandemic have coped rather admirable. Marketers have been balancing a profuse amount of data sources. Salesforce’s State of Marketing report reveals the marketers are handling the data with spotty quality and efficacy.

Marketers indeed have the wealth of data at their fingertips, but harnessing clean and accurate data is the key to build an effective marketing campaign. Keeping that aside, it has come to the fore that the marketers have been struggling with vast amounts of unclean data called “data pollution”, resulting in a loss of volume and impacting the campaigns negatively.
Data quality, analytics budgets, data volume and the challenges in the data process, are the four important stages in the data process of marketing programs. Challenges are faced in multiple stages of the data process that include:

Collecting accurate data types;
Organizing the data;
Meaningful insights gained through the collected data;
Implementing effective action plans from those meaningful insights.

Over 8200 marketing leaders were surveyed by Salesforce Research worldwide to get their views on a range of subjects that includes shifts in marketing strategy, digital transformation, collaboration and data management. A double-blind survey has been conducted to procure this data, from May 4 through June 3, 2021, that generated over 8227 responses across Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East, and the findings are as follows:

• 78% of the marketers say that the engagement of their customers is data-driven.
• Much emphasis is placed on customer data and its marketing implications.
• Marketers have made very little progress in improving data hygiene.
• The data quality of marketing data still leaves much to be desired.
• 78% of high-performing marketers say that they use a Customer Data Platform (CDP), versus 58% underperforming marketers.
• The safety of their data has been a cause of concern for the consumers due to the data explosion, 61% of consumers feel that they have lost control even over their personal information.

So there is a high need for the marketers to pool in more effective strategies to ensure that the data received is used with utmost efficiency and ethics, for getting the desired marketing goals.

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