Omnicom wins the Mercedes’ global agency consolidation


The Omnicom Group has won the award of global consolidated media, brand, and performance marketing for Mercedes-Benz, after contesting for the business against fellow obligatory Publicis Groupe.

Mercedes Benz, the German automobile company wanted to have a single-agency prototype to manage all its global media and marketing communications business. Omnicom’s victory is the result of a six-month hard work and close review between the two rival agency groups.

With a not-expected move, Omnicom has purchased Antoni, a digital shop, and a German agency and PR firm OSK, which is also a German agency. It has already worked with the client after they cooperated during the pitch process.

Omnicom has also made certain acquisitions in the past few years. According to them, it has bought both the businesses in the state that they would be best suitable in. Omnicom’s and Mercedes-Benz’s recent and long-lasting partnership is going to start in January 2022, under the alliance of Team X.

Omnicom already had major scope in the marketing and media whereas Publicis Groupe focused little on creativity. According to Mercedes, the deal with Omnicom is very unique in the industry. It also says it can create a desegrated global agency model.

From media playout and measurement of success to performance content development that can cater relevant information to the interested customers and parties at all parts of the customer journey.

According to reports, Omnicom is hiring more than 400 staff with the agency acquisitions. Antoni was discovered in 2015 with Mercedes-Benz as its first client and has employees of up to 170 people. OSK was discovered in 1993 and employs 225 staff.

A Member of the board of management of Mercedes-Benz, Britta Seeger, said “Mercedes-Benz is setting the next goal with this decision inconsistent customer communication in both online and offline channels. By bringing together a desegrated and fully new unit, Mercedes-Benz is re-organizing all of its communication resources over all channels to provide a personalized, data-driven, and smooth brand experience for customers at all points of contact worldwide. “

Omnicom is going to form a team of experts and specialists from different parts of its agencies in the United States, China and Europe as well as from OSK and Antoni.

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