The LEGO celebration for all little ones, this Children’s Day

The LEGO Group promises a children’s day celebration for all little ones this Children’s Day

LEGO India has initiated two exciting initiatives to celebrate Children’s Day. The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program and a three-day LEGO City Workshop for children to engage and enjoy.

The thought of all work no play has made all the little ones dull and bored. Only creative games can make the young guns happy again, if the game is creative, informative and exciting then both parents and children are happier.

LEGO India brought two initiatives to open a world of possibilities and celebrate the true spirit of Children’s Day. LEGO promises a fun-filled learning experience for the kids.

LEGO City workshop has partnered with Sundaybricks to host the workshop virtually via Zoom on 12th,13th and 14th November. The workshop will consist of three batches per day, Morning (11 AM to 12 PM), Afternoon (3 PM to 4 PM) and Evening (6 PM to 7 PM). 

The LEGO workshop is designed to encourage the little heroes to build their own LEGO City and bring it to life with their imagination and creativity while having fun. This will engage little ones both mentally and creatively.

The workshop offers an engaging and interactive course for the kids with many surprises and an opportunity to get a gift voucher of five hundred after completing the course.

The Lego Grop has introduced LEGO Digital Citizenship Program to increase the excitement and adventure for young minds on the children’s day. The citizenship program will engage kids in a thought-provoking manner.

LEGO is determined to its aim of creating a digitally safe and responsible environment for children. The program is uniquely curated to let kids and grown-ups experience brand new stuff.  

The program will help to raise digitally smart families, giving them an opportunity to thrive in the digital-savvy world.

The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program incorporates a selected collection of quick guides covering important key topics related to digital citizenship and online child safety. 

The program gives access to many interactive tools like Doom the Gloom, Build & Talk adventures. These incorporate various activities that will equip kids and young parents with knowledge and necessary skills.

The program will aware parents and kids of important aspects like Screen Time, False Information Online, the “gloom” of being online etc.

The LEGO programs will encourage families to understand and support their children’s journey towards digital thriving in a playful way via fun family quizzes and crash courses.

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