Heinz uses AI to reiterate association with ketchup


Brand managers strive to make their companies’ names associated with the product categories to which they belong. Maggi may be the first brand that comes to mind when you think about noodles. You might think of Cadbury when you think about chocolate.The fact that Heinz is widely recognised as ketchup in many regions of the world is the basis for the latest advertisement from the US-based company.

DALL-E, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that produces art and realistic visuals based on text descriptions given by the user, was used to create the most recent advertisement. The advertisement demonstrates how, when DALL-E was asked to create photos of a ketchup bottle, it naturally went toward producing images of Heinz bottles in many styles and historical eras.

The Drum reports that this is the most recent advertisement in a last year’s campaign in which Heinz urged people to “draw ketchup.” They may not have been particularly talented artists, but the bulk of them drew various versions of the Heinz bottle.

The same article also mentions that the AI ketchup campaign will run on social media and include an out-of-home (OOH) activation in Canada’s downtown Toronto. Brands are frequently seen in India issuing apologises. In the past year alone, we have witnessed numerous of these. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when another brand apologises. Wait until you hear this, though: The well-known ketchup company Heinz has apologised in the UK for never having created a pasta sauce. The firm apologises for not introducing its new line of ready-to-use pasta sauces earlier in its 150-year history in a full-page newspaper advertisement.

The advertisement, which Wunderman Thompson Spain conceptualised and designed, also expresses regret to Henry Heinz, the company’s creator, for disappointing him.The statement continues, “Because nothing so insanely amazing, has come so ridiculously late,” promising that the sauces are worth the wait.

Additionally, it features a billboard advertising its seven different pasta sauce variants in London’s Leicester Square.

The introduction of the new Heinz pasta sauces is a crucial step in our ambition to grow the brand into new categories, according to Kraft-director Heinz’s of new ventures Caio Fontenele. Despite our long history in agriculture and our knowledge of tomatoes, this is the first Heinz pasta sauce to be introduced in the UK, where Heinz consistently ranks among the most popular food brands. A spaghetti sauce launch would have been expected, but we chose not to do so. We are, indeed, egregiously late. The Wunderman Thompson partnership and new perspectives on our brand produced a strong and straightforward campaign that highlights Heinz’s iconicity in a revitalised manner without trying too hard. And the outcome is absurdly impressive.

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