How computer vision brings advertising to a new level


The market for ad technology on a global scale is changing drastically and will never be the same. The days of continually promoting a product to get people to buy it are long gone. Users are more concerned about their privacy and what content they want to be shown on their devices. Large market players like Google and Apple also modify their products to meet consumer expectations by presenting ways to improve security. Soon, cookies won’t be around anymore. The biggest issue nowadays, according to some, is not finding a market for your product, but rather figuring out how to showcase it effectively. As a result, creating relevant and customised commercials has become essential to successful campaigning in the modern era. 

The advertisers have finally discovered their answers thanks to artificial intelligence and computer vision. Computers (machines) may be taught and trained using computer vision to distinguish different things in images and videos as well as to evaluate text, which elevates advertising to a new level of the user-friendly and relevant communication. Indeed, cookies are unnecessary. 

For instance, this is how computer vision functions. For instance, a woman reading news online might look at an item about wintertime skin issues for babies. She continues to read until a specific point at which a baby care cream advertisement appears on her screen. This is not a coincidence at all because machines are capable of anticipating when and how best to present advertisements to you. What a marvel it is. 

An Adtech business called Hybrid Team, which has more than 10 years of experience in the field, even provides something even more astounding. Their AI-vision platform, VOX, uses computer vision to analyse and categorise over 10,000 items to identify their age, human emotions, and many other characteristics. View counting methodology is another crucial factor to take into account. Only when the creative is fully loaded and visible for at least one second is one impression registered in VOX. On the other hand, the CTR is higher than in the typical advertising campaign due to the many combinations of interactive components that motivate viewers to interact with the advertisements. A 10% increase in CTR speaks for itself. 

In this approach, they present the product to the most enthusiastic group of receivers at the ideal time, when the user is seeking guidance and a recommendation. They also connect with the target market at several points along the sales funnel, from expectant moms to new mothers and their partners and family members. In comparison to traditional advertising and other online channels/campaigns of the brand, the strategy focused on the combination of technology, creation, and user experience helps to obtain substantially higher CTR indications. 

Join our webinar on June 30th, “Skyrocket your campaign performance with VOX – AI-Vision Platform,” to discover more about VOX and how to make your advertising more relevant and customised. 

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