How streaming platforms are providing growth of regional music


The pandemic and lockdown situation has led to a lot of content consumption, especially on digital platforms. The world has now gone digitally. Although the lockdown and Curfew periods are over, the demand for content is still on.

Staying inside the home and being confined for so long due to the Covid-19 has led people to explore new genres of content every day with a stronger preference for the content of their native language. In this way, demand for regional content started increasing.

Not only video content but also music has been seen rising on digital media platforms recently. Music platforms like Spotify, Wynk, Gaana, etc., have prepared themselves and improved their game to meet this rapidly growing demand.

Providing some intuitions into the growth of music streaming in India, Shahir Muneer, Founder, and Director Divo, said that regional music has been a part of the native language growth story of India. “The vernacular social media apps, video, and music was just another piece of the 1 billion next Internet users’ story of India. The growth of music is not only through pure-play audio or music apps, but also with video whether it is on YouTube, or any other social media apps or short video apps, having music features in them.”

If we keep in mind the accessibility of the internet, there is still a large regional music market to grow in India in the upcoming years. The music streaming apps are providing free music that has hastened the growth in regional music.

Chief Business Officer & Group Business Head of 9X Media, Punit Pandey said that regional music has been evolving for like a decade now, and thus, the growth is not something new during this pandemic. “If we look at the growth rate and consider what is happening in the marketplace, we see that music used to grow with a pace of around 10-12 percent and the pandemic has just given a push to this growth.”

He also said that how the people explored OTT streaming content same as music during the pandemic, has also pushed people to enjoy more music content.

Previously, like a few years ago, if a singer wanted to release an album then a song, they had to go to a music label, get a tie-up done with them, and then only they could release their music but nowadays, if someone has the potential to make good music and sing good songs, they have the freedom and privilege to upload it not just in video platforms but on countless music streaming platforms.

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