In the new campaign, Goodknight salutes women for their #PyaarWaliProtection


Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand, has released a new digital film to commemorate International Women’s Day. The film’s theme is ‘Pyaarwali security,’ and each sequence is treated as a slice of life, humane storey depicting various roles of women, acting as a guardian, a companion, and a protector, and how Goodknight leverages these moments and celebrates womanhood on this special occasion of Women’s Day, making the film strong, heart-warming, and lasting.

This film by Goodknight, created by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, depicts young siblings who are afraid to sleep next to the window and have their sister swap places with him so that he can sleep comfortably. A young woman is also seen waiting for a bus after work hours, avoiding creepy looks from a group of men standing nearby.

She is saved by a female cab driver who recognises her predicament and agrees to take her home. Finally, a father and son are seen enjoying themselves at home while watching a game. The mother calls her father to let him know she will be late for dinner. She automatically adds that if they plan on staying up all night watching the game, they can turn on Goodknight to keep mosquitoes at bay. The husband is taken aback by his wife’s familiarity with them. Goodknight thanks women for their contributions and their “Pyaarwali defence” at the end of the film.

The film is also directed by four women who are experts in their fields. Shreya Shroff is the film’s director, Shraddha Singhvi is the producer, Priya Pardiwalla is the creative director, and Somasree Bose is the Head of Marketing for Goodknight brand.

“A woman defines the true meaning of care and security for her family and loved ones,” Somasree Bose, Head of Marketing (Homecare Category), Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said of the film. As a mother, sister, daughter, or wife, she always wants the best for her children and will go to any length to ensure their safety. We are dedicating this film to all women who stood strong and gave unwavering support as India’s most trusted brand for mosquito protection.”

“To build something truthful and genuine for Women’s Day, we realised that the starting point itself needs to be real,” said Priya Pardiwalla, Sr. VP & Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai. We asked our friends, families, coworkers, and the Goodknight team to share stories of women who have helped them looked out for them, and protected them. We weren’t only looking for motivational tales, but also joyful, humorous, and playful ones. We hope that the result is a heartfelt thank you to every woman for being who she is.”

I’ve had the great fortune of working on this concept for Goodknight and moving the storey forward to create a powerful film that focuses on simple moments between siblings, portrays real-life incidents between acquaintances, celebrates bravery and commitment by ordinary women, and creates extraordinary stories, making relationships endearing and strong,” she added, director of the film, Shreya Shroff.

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