Tata Motors now joins hands with Yuvin Esports


Tata Motors, the country’s best and leading motor company has been known to sponsor and endorse many sports fields. Recently Tata Motors had signed a 3-year contract with BCCI to sponsor, what most Indians look forward to engaging themselves these days, the Indian Premier League. 

The brand ambassadors for Tata Motors include Narain Karthikeyan, India’s racing champion, and KL Rahul, Vice-Captain of the Indian cricket team. Tata Motors clearly displays its interest in promoting sports in our country. But the company also displays its effective and creative marketing strategy here. 

Sports is what most youths are either engaging themselves physically and mentally in or engaging themselves virtually yet mentally. 

So when such brands are subliminally presented at their favorite games, be it through posters or video ad campaigns, the impact is more subconscious than conscious and hence more customers for Tata Motors and successful marketing strategy.  

Tata Motors is now sponsoring Yuvian Esports, the country’s leading Esports organization. When everything in the recent past has taken an ‘E’ approach then why should sports settle for just physically engaging games. 

But Tata Motors has taken the next step, and in fact promoting the same, to acknowledge esports as one of its own kind. Tata Motors is the title sponsor for the ongoing Yuvin Valorant Invitational tournament (YVI), from September 2 to 5.

Yuvin Esports was founded by the ex-pro-gamer Sharang Naicker. Yuvin Esports has been on the hunt for building and enriching talents not only from India but also from South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

Here not only is Tata Motors endorsing its brand but also promoting youth to find passion, hope, and to a great extent a future in Esports, and the youth in turn in the process acknowledges India’s biggest automobile company. 

The invited teams include some of the world’s best Valorant teams. Here a some of the invited team’s Team T69, Team Cohesion, Team XO, and more.  The occurring tournament can be viewed on Youtube live on Yuvin Esports Youtube Channel in English and Hindi. 

Tata Motors has indeed set a change in making us realize the spectrum of what sports can be and Esports will now soon set a great footprint for others to follow.

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