World suicide prevention day –Mpower and Arijit Singh


 On this World suicide prevention day, Neerja Birla’s Mpower Minds and the well-known musician Arijit Singh have collaborated to create awareness about appreciating life regardless of stumbling blocks.

On world suicide prevention day, Mpower Minds released a heartening melody by Arijit Singh “Zindagi Ko High Five”. It was broadcasted on the Mpower Minds Social media channels. The song is all about inspiring individuals to celebrate every phase of life irrespective of their age and choices.

The song conveys that “the answer is a reason, a reason to fight, a reason to change the story, a reason to Hi-5 Zindagi”. The video goes on to depict the overcoming of the survivors. The question begins with “is it even worth all the pain?” and goes on to explain that one try can change everything, the life, the sufferings, and therefore the pain. A step in the right direction might be the answer.

In the generation where mental health is considered to be a social stigma, Mpower Minds is a holistic mental health initiative powered by Aditya Birla Education Trust, founded to normalize the discussions about mental health and become helping hands to the ones who need it. The group provides assistance in resources and information, training and guidance, diagnostic evaluation, therapeutic interventions, and psychological counseling.

Mpower minds have rendered continuous efforts towards the cause. “Ride to Mpower” a community cycle held from 2016 to 2020 received the participation of 8200 people who pledged support for creating awareness and erasing the stigma. The “Mpower fest” was a concert organized in 2017 and 2018 which received the support of 20000 people in Mumbai for mental health positive society. In 2020, the TABIS, Fort, and Mpower collaborated for a campaign named “letters of hope” aiming to create hope in the minds of people by sweet and inspiring messages sent in form of letters and posters.

The video message ends with data from the World health organization that says “Every 40 seconds a person loses their life to suicide”. Mpower follows by adding a significant message that goes on as “suicide is preventable. If you or someone you know is experiencing distressing thoughts and preoccupation with self-harm, reach out and seek help.”

Mpower has started a service for 24*7 mental health helplines to reach out to experienced and skilled psychologists. The service is for anyone about 18 years of age on the toll-free number 1800-120-820050.

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